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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2015




Glaciology as part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2015

Oct 3 7pm- Oct 4 7am


A glacier composed of 50 human bodies slowly sweeps the city for 12 continuous hours as part of curator Christine Shaw’s exhibition The Work of Wind. Anandam’s Glaciology examines the permanent effects of human and ecological disruptions in the converging wakes of colonialism, globalisation, wars and unsustainable economies by overlapping and contrasting these images with the indelible power of glacial movements across landscapes. 


Using the movement of glaciers across landscapes as an entry point, this piece explores states of density, collaboration, collapse, overpopulation, relocation, disruption, environmental tipping points, disappeared people, mass graves, icebergs, and melting ice caps.  Glaciology combines site specific performance with human sculpture and choreographic installation to create a surreal, constantly shifting image of bodies as landscape and simultaneously as capsules of history and memory; both human and geological.


More information here


Choreography: Brandy Leary

Sonic Designer/Composition: James Bunton


Download the score for Glaciology to your mobile listening device and bring it and some headphones with you to expereince Glaciology



Glaciology Score

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Glaciology Score

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Glaciology Ensmble for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2015


Adrienne Medjo  Alexander Taylor  Alisha Maclean  Amy Hampton  Amy Strizic  

Andrew Gaboury  Andrya Duff  Andy Wang  Anna Ho  Arnaud Baudry  Betty Zhang

Bridget Rieger  Brittany Howlett  Candace Kumar  Candice Irwin  Christine Birch

Collette Radau  Damarise Ste. Marie  Denise Solleza  Emily Saunders  Emma Chorostecki

Enya White  Eric Liu Greg Wong  Hannah Schallert  Hans Wolfgramm  Holly Timpener

Holly Treddenick  Jackie Houghton  Jackie McCaffrey  James Gagne  Janaki Banting

Jane Kirby  Jared Bishop  Jen Hum  Johannes Zits  Jordan Campbell  Jordyn Stewart

Justine Comfort  Kari Pederson  Katelyn McCulloch  Kerryn Graham  Kirsten Edwards

Lara Ebata  Laura Snider  Lindsay Goodtimes  Lindsey Thompson  Liona Davies

Lisa Anita Wegner  Louis Laberge-Cote  Margarita Soria  Margaryta Golovchenko

Marie Lambin-Gagnon  Mary-Margaret Scrimger  Meghan Van der Giessen

Michael Caldwell  Miles Gosse  Mugabi Mpagi  Natalie Fullerton  Nicole Belfer Nicole Nigro

Nicole Schachter  Nikolas Markakis  Oriah Wiersma  Quinn Morris  Rebecca leonard Sara Witalis

Sarah Hoedlmoser  Sarah Kim  Sarah Muehlbauer  Taliya Cohen  Tamara Arenovich  

Tamara Salpeter  Tanya Crowder Teresa Ascencao Tiffany Schofield Toni Largo

Zachary Murphy